Discover the talented and vibrant artwork of Martin Thomas, a gifted Jamaican artist with autism. Explore his unique perspective and delve into his life through his works of art, while raising awareness and spreading inspiration for those on the autism spectrum. Your purchase of Martin's artwork not only brings beauty into your life, but also provides a means for him to earn a living and gain more independence. Join us in supporting Martin on his artistic journey.



Why Support?

  • 🧩 Autism Awareness 🧩

    By purchasing Martin's art, you receive a unique and meaningful piece while supporting a cause dedicated to raising awareness about Autism and creating a more inclusive society. Your generosity in supporting this cause is greatly appreciated.

  • 💚 We're A Family 💚

    Become a valued member of a warm and loving community dedicated to providing the best customer experience. Our top priority is ensuring a positive and memorable experience for you, and we look forward to building a long-lasting relationship.

  • 💵 Support Martin's Career 💵

    You are not only purchasing beautiful pieces of art but also making a difference in the life of the artist, Martin, who is on the autism spectrum and faces challenges in finding employment. Your support helps Martin share his talent with the world and build a brighter future for himself.

  • 🎨 Unique Art 🎨

    By opting for mARTism, you gain not only a distinctive work of art for your collection, but also the support of an artist known for his innovative designs and playful characters.