Martin Thomas is a Jamaican artist with autism, this site is dedicated to showcasing his artwork and sharing an insight into his life with the hope raising Autism Awareness and inspiring others.

Martin is also very passionate about music, photography and cooking.

The name Martism was coined by Martin’s brother and is derived from combining his name, passion and disability . Martin+Art+Autism = mARTism.
The ‘A’ in the logo is represented by the coloured jigsaw ribbon which is the symbol for Autism Awareness.

Since the start of 2013 Martin has already taken part in various art exhibitions across the island, selling his work and slowly building a following which has helped him to make sales to people in the US and UK. He now intends to use the internet as a platform to help his art travel across the world. Martin hopes that his efforts to follow his dreams and striving to make a living for himself despite his disability can help to inspire and motivate others worldwide who are affected by Autism or any other afflictions.